The Game Plan

The plan of action is to make Bounce Back Youth Leadership the number one community development organization in the city. We plan helping our youth better themselves in order for them to reach their highest potential. Bounce Back will encourage youth to strive for the best, be the best, and never settle for substandard work. Our mentors will guide our youth to be highly self-motivated individuals, prestigious students, respected community devotees, and successful young men and women of today and tomorrow.

Within Bounce Back organization, we will offer recreational opportunities and basic fundamentals to learn different vigorous sports. However, we will instill in our children the characteristics of sportsmanship, team work, listening skills, respect, and passion. With these distinctive qualities being taught and practiced, the objective is to establish change, for not only our youth but our society as a whole.

There is a great need for  a positive organization that is directed towards the young men and women within our community. Bounce Back Youth Leadership Foundation is just that: An organization that builds character, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Bounce Back is an organization that helps influence young men and women to uplift their community and allow them to see how being scholarly is the key to success.

Education, Community Service, and Entrepreneurship are just a few basic goals we hope to instill in each child.