Rebuilding The Village

We have all heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”; over the years a lot of communities have strayed away from this saying. To be honest, it seems as if this saying has never existed. Today’s communities are so broken down with hate, disobedience, racism, and poverty, that no one is stepping up to make a difference. There are children out there killing one another, children out there having children, children out there dropping out of school, and most importantly, there are children out there who have lost their way and with no one to show them the right direction.

Let’s reminisce for a second and think how things were back in the days. Back in the days, families protected families, families stood up for one another, families help one another out, and most importantly, families prayed together. In today generation, there has been such a downfall in community evolvement that some people only care about themselves and their happiness.

Forget the boy who has no shoes, forget about the girl who is an expecting teenager, forget about the boy who finds a family with one of the local gangs, forget about the man who struggles every day to provide for his family, forget about the single mom who is barely making ends meet for her kids, forget about the family that has a 3 year old and 5 year old whose only home is a cardboard box, forget about the college student who got rapped, forget about the preacher who is preaching the word but living a lie. Yeah, let’s act like these things don’t exist within the community.

Back in the days, people opened their doors, clothed the homeless, provided for the needy, and showed compassionate to human beings. People today rather pay for a dog to eat, than to give spare change to the homeless man who is taking care of that dog.

It is time to step up and rebuild our community. It is time to start giving back, helping out, lifting up our brethren, whether they are Black, White, Hispanic, or whatever the race maybe. It is time to start loving each other and praying together in Jesus name. It is time to stop thinking about “self” and think about the kids, the hopeless, the weary, and the needy. Today economic crisis has proven that when times get hard, people tend to stray away from one another instead of sticking to the fight. It is almost like a relationship, as long as things are going good, people are in it for the long hall, but as soon as a bad situation occurs, they turn their backs towards one another. The same can be said within our communities.

It is time to wake up! Our communities are shattered and no one seems to care. It is time for men and women to step up and take on their responsibilities. It is time for people to start making good examples for today’s youth. It’s time for people realize that as longs as we continue to ignore the turmoil that exist in today’s communities, the devil will continue to have a field day.

To be continued…