Over the past couple of years Bounce-Back Youth Leadership Foundation has been hosting 7 major programs a year. These programs have turned out to be a major success in the community. These programs consist of:

Bowling With The Boyz FUNDRAISER

This is a chance for Moms, Aunts, Grandmas, Guardians, and Big Sisters to get out with their favorite boys and enjoy a great time bowling while supporting Bounce Back.

Jazz It Up “Glamorous For A Day”

Bounce Back Youth Leadership Foundation will be hosting: Jazz It Up
The Jazz It Up program is for the young teenage women in our community. This program is designed to build or sustain one’s self-esteem. Furthermore, this program is outlined to educate young women on what is to be a woman, how to carry themselves like a lady, and how they should feel comfortable in their bodies no matter their size, complexion, or disabilities.

Bounce Back Youth Leadership Foundation is going to do this through 3 difference workshops in one day. I have reached out to the community and ask for volunteers to assist me with this program.

I am bringing in Make-Up-Artist, Hairstylist, Motivational Speakers, Photographers, and people that are intrigue about helping our youth.

The first workshop is called:

Make-Me-Over – While the young ladies are getting all glammed-up, I will have speakers speaking with the young ladies getting them to open up about themselves and to answer any questions these young ladies may have.

The second workshop is called:

Good Table Manners (Table Etiquette Seminar) – We have a facilitator who will teach these young ladies the proper way of dining. (At a 5 Star restaurant)

The last workshop is called:

Lights and Camera – These young ladies will be doing a photo shoot while learning that they are beautiful no matter what. We will be teaching them about not being shy in front of the camera. Furthermore, we will be teaching them how to effectively speak and position themselves in front of the camera.


Business Etiquette Seminar

The program is catered to teach the youth in the community on the importance of Dressing for success, table etiquette, public speaking (including television interviews), and entrepreneurship.

Good Table Manners

This workshop introduces the youth to the importance of having good table manners and how using the proper etiquette will improve how they carry themselves in a fine dining environment. We will cover basic rules of table etiquette, making good impressions, greetings and introductions, conversation and listening skills, and being kind and considerate to all.

Dad’s and Daughter’s (D.A.D’s)

This program is designed for Dads and Daughters to enjoy an evening of dining and fun. You do not have to have a father  present to be apart of this event. A dad will be assigned to any girl who wish  to have a father. This will be a special night out for Dads and Daughters of all ages.

Trust In Me

This program is for the parents, mentors, and the youth. This program is designed to build trust and character. We do this over a course of a weekend Friday night until Sunday Evening. We do perform several workshop and exercises that teaches the youth how to trust each other and trust their parents.

Bounce Back is destined to be an liaison for the youth and the community. We strive for excellence. Through these programs, it allows us to reach out to the hearts of those that need guidance and love.

Fishing With The Fellas

This is a M2M (Male to Male) event. This event allows young males and adult males the opportunity to learn from one another. Its an opportunity to teach our male youth the importance of manhood, brotherhood, and FELLAship.