“Mentoring is an intentional relationship between youth and adults that is based upon a mutual investment of time, energy, trust, and learning. Mentoring relationships are reciprocal and experiential connections that have enduring impact on the lives of the youth and adult.”

The relationships you develop with your mentee’s become channels for the passage of information, advice, challenges, opportunities, and support. Bounce Back Mentors offer their mentees:


  • Mentors share their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom.


  • Mentors provide valuable opportunities by facilitating academic, career, and personal contacts.


  • Mentors stimulate curiosity and build confidence by presenting new ideas, opportunities, and challenges.


  • Mentors encourage growth and achievement by providing an open and supportive environment.

Goal Setting 

  • Mentors help their mentee’s discover talents and interests and define and attain their goals.


  • Mentors guide their mentee’s in reaching academic, career, and personal goals.

Role Models 

  • By sharing stories of achievement with their mentees, mentors can become role models.


Who are Bounce Back Mentors?

Bounce Back Mentors are undergraduate/graduate college students, postsecondary faculty, and professionals in a variety of challenging academic and career fields. The mentors support elementary to high school students as they transition to college and careers.

*****Requirements to be a Bounce Back Mentor*****

• Must be at least 17 years of age and/or in college
• Adherence to Bounce Back Mentor Program policies and procedures
• Completion of the mentor application process
• Living in/near Mobile, Al area
• Communicating regularly with youth participant and program staff
• Never convicted of a violent or sexual crime. (If convicted of a felony crime we reserve the right to ask further questions)
• Not using illegal substances (This is a must)
• Not using alcohol/controlled substances prior to or during mentor activities or being impacted by substances during mentor activities (This is a must)
• Must clear a background check


Adult Mentor Responsibilities
• Successful completion of the application process and training
• Conduct in accordance with program policies
• Attending ongoing meetings and trainings scheduled by the Program Coordinator
• Completing and submitting all necessary documentation
• Establishing a positive, personal relationship with youth participant(s) and Parents
• Promoting the health and well-being of youth
• Utilizing a nonjudgmental perspective
• Demonstrating and promoting cultural competency and understanding
• Planning and engaging in activities that the youth participant expresses interest in
• Helping youth to develop life skills
• Educating youth about and linking them to community resources


All mentors report directly to Bounce Back Program Coordinator and will be provided with ongoing supervision, training, and programmatic/clinical support.