LeMaris “L.A.” Alston, the Founder and Executive Director of Bounce Back Youth Leadership Foundation,. He is an Graduate of Alabama State University and has a Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix. Mr. Alston has over 10 years experience in working with at-risk youth in his church and community. He has organized step teams, after school tutoring, fundraisers  and community bonding projects. Also he is a lifetime member of  Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, since 2003.

 Mr. Alston. is of many men of his fraternity that adopt their organizations principles: manly deeds, scholarships, and love for all mankind.  Continuing on with the fraternity’s efforts and legacy, Mr. Alston has always made it his first initiative to give back and utilize with his continuing efforts to develop tomorrow leaders. In his spare time Mr. Alston visits local schools to observe students social behavior and to promote his service and advice on academic excellence. Furthermore he is an IT Director, photographer, he coaches youth basketball, football,  and soccer for the City of Mobile.

Note to the parents:

To the Parents,

     There is a great need for a positive organization that is directed towards the young men and women within our community. Bounce Back Youth Leadership Foundation is just that: An organization that builds character and leaders. Bounce Back is an organization that help influence our youth to uplift their community and allow them to see how being scholarly is the key to success.

     There are numerous of ways Bounce Back will seek to accomplish this task. First, we will provide our kids with information and guidance they will need to be successful in achieving thier scholary mission. Also, we aspire to teach these kids the importance of staying healthy and in shape. Education, Community Service, and Love for the Community are just a few basic goals we hope to instill in each child. In order to accomplish this task, we are asking for community participation with fundraisers and other events so that we can find a facility to continue services.

Thank you for your love and partcipation,


Founder of BBYLF