About Us

Established in 2008, our organization was formed to provide a unique and positive after school mentoring program for youth 7-18. Bounce Back was designed to educated children on what it means to be a leader and to build a lifelong respect within the community. We offer a dynamic and constantly-evolving seasonal mentoring program that teaches our youth how to cope with life’s ever-changing plan. Incorporated within Bounce Back are recreational and life skilled programs that focus on empowering our youth. These programs consist of:

  • Jazz It Up Glamourous For A Day” (for young women directed by Jamelah Alston),
  • Business Etiquette Seminar (for young men and women)
  • Good Table Manners (for young men and women)
  • Mobile Legacy (an athletic program directed by Eva Stallworth)
  • Trust In Me (a program designed to build trust and friendship).
  • Fishing With The Fellas (This is a M2M (Male to Male) event. This event allows young males and adult males the opportunity to learn from one another. Its an opportunity to teach our youth the importance of manhood, brotherhood, and FELLAship)

These activities are taught numerous times within the program by our mentors, teachers, coaches, counselors, and staff who volunteer their time and efforts.

The mission of Bounce Back Youth Leadership is to provide students the opportunity to become influential young adults by  being an effective, empowering leadership nonprofit organization that focuses on uplifting the youth as they make their transitions from childhoodto adulthood.

This program focuses on the troubles that children go through and how they are able to rise above any problems they may endure in life. By counseling, mentoring, and using Christian principles, Bounce Back will strive to nurture the youth; to keep them on the straight and narrow and to teach them how to make wise decisions in their future endeavors.

Bounce Back Youth Leadership are making attempts to teach our youth ways to cope with the struggles of everyday life. With so much turmoil going on in today society, our youth are sometimes left neglected and they are practically raising themselves. With Bounce Back, we are trying to show our youth what it feels like to have someone to be there for them, what it is like to be part of a family that is all for the betterment of them. Furthermore, we are trying to show them what it feels like to be a part of a group of individuals that will not criticize them because of race, gender, disability, ability, ethnicity, creed, or anything else. We are showing them that the staff of Bounce Back will exemplify to them what brotherhood, sisterhood, and a family is, as a whole. My goal is to be the best mentor, friend, coach, and teacher to our youth. I strive to instruct the youth to be the best, to think smart and to be smart. I and others, plan to accomplish by: 1. Focusing on Education 2. Have them to Believe in themselves 3. Have them to Believe in Others 4. Teach them the importance of respecting the community 5. Going from Junior High to High School and High School to College